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I know it's late, but I wish to greet....

Happy Birthday, dA!

I'm not that good in preparing parties, but well... here's my story.


It all started with my emotional person of a Creator. As to why she made me though is a mystery, but I know that I have a purpose.

My first time I stayed here was when I was in Belgium. To be precise, in Brussels. I was homeless, so I tried to find a place to stay. While I was at it I heard that there was trouble: Tintin was harmed. At that time I did nothing but watch him get hurt until the crook was gone. It was at that time I first saw what a beating looked like... and it was brutal. 

*chuckles* I remember that he even got mad at me for doing nothing to stop the crook. What's a girl like me to do when I don't have weapons at that time???

Let's fast forward it to my newly found family. I was adopted by Tintin and Ms. Twilight at that time, and I had Captain Haddock and Snowy. We lived in Marlinspike Hall for some time now, and still do. 

Time has passed and I made a new friend by the name Matt. He was the first person out of my family to approach me. I can say that he's a really nice person, and we had some great adventures together.

After meeting him was when I met the dark lord himself: Shun. *blushes* I won't forget what he did back then though... which made me surrender my soul to him. Until now I just wished that I would go closer to him.

Then there was the Professor... I don't know how many times I've said this, but I wish he came back... I had a lot of fun with him. *smiles slightly*

In the Professor's class I made a new friend by the name Emmy. She's very fond of puzzles like myself, and we both want to know what happened to the Professor. 

I've been here for 2-3 years, and even if I didn't get to talk much.... I missed everyone on here.
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Evelein-Claire's Profile Picture
Evelien Claire
Artist | Student | Varied
Name: Evelien Claire
Nickname: Eve
Age: 19
Occupation: Student (former Criminology Student from Madrid)
Birthdate: June 23

An introduction is in order.

I am Evelien Claire, a student and former student of Criminology and Law. Most people address me as ‘Ms. Claire’, while ‘Eve’ for a selected few.

NOTE: And I request that everyone who reads this must look at the ANOTHER THINGS TO TAKE NOTE section. Thank you.


If someone asks if I had any siblings, I would say that I do:

Kristoff Loche – a blacksmith who currently resides in Japan (name of place not specified to respect the privacy for him), age 25, Older brother.

Our parents were separated: I lived with my mother, while he lived with my father.


PERSONAL MOTTO: "A riddle solver must learn to open to know what was closed."


For the likes and dislikes… well… hmm…

= natural landscapes
= mystery and suspense
= current events
= Sherlock Holmes
= classical music
= opera
= respect from others

= backstabbed by friends
= being left behind in everything
= accused unjustly
= people who think they are more superior than others
= .... those who lie

= reading detective books
= writing literature
= fencing
= adventuring
= playing the flute


What am I like:

First and foremost I am an introvert, that means that I am used to being alone. As to how I became an introvert is confidential. I maybe an introvert, but I am of the self-confident type. Timid at times, but mostly self-confident. And expect me to be anti-social most especially those who I do not know.

In terms of expertise I can tell you almost immediately what I know. And I would tell you right away whether or not I can help you since it is either I have little knowledge or it is not in my area to do so.

In conversations I usually am silent and the listening type. I accept conversations that I can intensely relate to, but I will not attend to those that I hardly know of.

I am a perfectionist. When I develop a new skill I would do my best to perfect it.

I am a balance of left and right, but I lean more to the logically artistic and artistically logical. I enjoy art, but I criticize on how I see it.

I am a person with a long patience, but it does not mean that you would try to shorten it. Try not to make me angry while my patience is long.

When it comes to loved ones… that is when things get personal when someone harms them.

Am I nice? I can be nice and respectful if you are nice to me and respect me.

I am also known for my riddles or mind problems. I find it both annoying but flattering when someone called me 'Riddle Girl'. I challenge everyone with mind problems and test their knowledge.


Any weapons?

I have a rapier whose blade is attached to and disguised as a flute. I usually carry an arnis bag that has two flutes.

But then.... there is something inside me that I cannot quite explain. I am interested in the Dark Arts, that's all I can say.

Any Persons I trust? (Fan Side)
I have a vague memory that I had people who I trust entirely... I have a selected few....

My family and friends at home and friends from school are the ones that I can remember... except for one, and I can't remember who it is.

Why I cannot remember much was because I have, according to a doctor, either repression or amnesia. I have known some people already, but I feel like it's already all of them.

Even as an introvert, I follow these principles about friendship:

Best Friends Can See It by mylastel Friendship Is Stamp by Mirz123 Essence of Friendship Stamp by mylastel
True Friendship... Stamp by mylastel Inside and Out by mylastel One or Two Friends is Enough by mylastel Friends Make Mistakes Too by mylastel Having a Friend Stamp by mylastel Second chance by Sedma Truly Friends by Sedma Stamp: If you can't handle me by Jammerlee


Results from Personality Tests:

What Professor Layton And The Curious Village Character Are You?
What Professor Layton And The Curious Village Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime


To avoid confusion this is an RP account. You would know if it's the RP manager when the reply has two (2) pairs of parentheses [(())]. If there is none, you're already speaking with the actual Evelien Claire.

I am generally nice to everyone, just as long as anyone who wanted use my art MUST have my consent. Procedures of copyrights are strictly observed. For those who wants to commission me is free to do so.

(NOTE: The prices of commissions shall be posted up when the time is right. For now, requests are open)

You (the commissioner) may have the ownership of the finished physical product (or my artwork), but the copyrights remain with the artist (yours truly). If you wish to use my commission for other uses, make sure to give me credit. Not doing so will break our contract as a commissioner and artist, thus I shall put down the said artwork.


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You mean the world to someone.

Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.

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Always remember the compliments you've received.

Forget the rude remarks.

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Do not break this chain. Send this to fifteen people in fifteen minutes !!

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